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Gone are the days of clunky and deafening vacuum cleaners. Enter ReadiVac’s line of handheld and small vacuum cleaners, designed as bagless, portable vacuum cleaners so you can clean messes in a matter of minutes without fumbling with a heavy machine and its dirty bags.

Our Surge Canister Vac is the perfect blend of function and form, able to tackle hard surfaces and carpeted floors with ease. Its retractable, 16-foot cord keeps cords out of your way while in use, and it weighs in at just 12.75 pounds which further cements ReadiVac’s mission of providing convenience and saving space. Got a small mess (wet or dry) or want to take your vacuum in the car for unexpected spills? Try one of our handheld vacuum cleaners weighing in at just over two pounds and featuring reusable, washable filters. They’re simple to use with a 12-volt plug and have powerful suction.

When cleanup doesn’t require an arsenal of machines, reach for one of ReadiVac’s small, portable vacuum cleaners to get the job done in a flash!

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